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Focus to Flourish Course

Get access to the course for FREE with purchase of the Flourish Planner. Learn how to use the planner to set goals and achieve them through workflow strategies and time management skills. *Details on how to join are included with each planner. 

What people are saying:

I use mine all the time. I mainly use the month at a glance calendar and the note section. I have all my note in there from Immersion. This planner is like a treasure to me and I'll cherish it even after the year is over. I cannot wait to get a new one!


I've always had a planner and have used various ones over the years. I LOVED the Flourish Planner above all others. The incredible thoughtfulness in its design and layout kept me on track daily, and the quarterly check ins were game-changing. Thank you so much Bonnie!


The Flourish Planner has helped me SO much this year, I have set goals, am taking action daily and I LOVE revisiting them every quarter to keep them in mind and add if/when necessary. I also love the Focus to Flourish course as it really helped me to see how to use the planner to it's fullest potential. I am a habitual purchaser of planners and always stop using them before the year is over but not this one! Thank you for such a great tool in my toolbox!!


This looks amazing, thank you for sharing! Love the clean design. I do not like overly decorated planners and this way it will be like 'my own'. It will be an amazing Christmas gift.


Ahh!!! This almost has me in tears! Absolutely everything that I could ever want in a planner. You did excellent work, Bonnie! My heart is pounding with thoughts and dreams that are about to come’re just the best!! Thanks for everything you do!!


So much involved in this elegant, highly functional and inspiring creation borne of love and wisdom.


I loved everything about this planner. It kept my dreams alive. I used it like a journal as well and to jot down ideas. I used the blank pages for mood boards and taped images for inspiration. I keep it in the box it came in and the tissue as a visual reminder of what I could do with my designs someday.